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Battery Asia (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

      Battery Asia Thailand (BAT) was established in 2008 as a battery dealer in Asia. Our main business is forklift battery, backup power battery . Products made in Slovenia in Europe, with battery expertise and experience for more than 30 years under the TAB brand, a trade mark that represents quality and reliability. European Quality Certificate Production process is environmentally conscious. It is the ideal product for the competitive industry, reducing costs, focusing on quality and environmental considerations for the world.

      BAT provides other services such as restoration battery life to be able to use it well. It also provides advice on the design of a charger to save energy and reduce pollution as well.

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Forklift Batteries Maintenance

Battery maintenance is an extremely forgotten yet important factor; as knowing a little about forklift maintenance will go a long way. It’s a major factor that contributes to costs, safety and the forklift’s life. A significant percentage of forklifts are powered electronically; with the batteries in these machines being very expensive. Therefore proper maintenance and care is necessary to lengthen the life span of your forklift and its battery. The key benefits your business will experience from being involved in a battery maintenance schedule include:
  • Decreasing expenses
  • Improved safety
  • Greater performance
  • Extended life span

Re charging/charging

Forklift batteries are designed for long life; given the significant usage levels they are put under. Even though they are designed for a long life, it is up to the user to ensure that proper charging occurs so the battery performs as it was designed to. Constant neglect and bad treatment will only end in increased expenses.
  • Every five to ten charge cycles, you should select equalise/weekend charge option. Each battery benefits from this by keeping the cell voltages even and in line.
  • It is recommended that you charge a battery when it reaches 80% discharge (close to the “red region” on the majority of discharge meters)
  • The battery should not be charged on a daily basis.
  • Don’t let a discharged battery sit there for more than a day
  • Do not opportunity charge (i.e. charging during lunch breaks)
  • Always charge a battery in a well ventilated area
  • Never interrupt a charge cycle if it is unnecessary. It is suggested that once a charge has started, it be allowed to finish.

Fluid Levels

Simple self maintenance can be great for gaining general knowledge about your forklift battery, not to mention increased life time and savings. When dealing with fluid levels of a forklift battery there are a few things you need to keep in mind:
  • Check water levels and top up appropriately every 10 or so charges for the first few years. If it is a reconditioned battery you may need to do this every 5 charges. If the battery needs to be toped up, only do a sufficient amount to cover the plastic element protector by roughly ¼ of an inch. The additional space is needed for expansion while gassing at the end of the charge.
  • Top up battery with clean water after charging only. Never top it up before beginning a charge.
  • Check two or three pilot cells every 5 or so charges to check that the fluid level is above the perforated plastic element protector after charge.
  • Never over fill as it will cause overflow on the next charge. An acid loss will inevitably shorten overall running time, can cause overheating and will require a shop service to rectify.

Extending Battery’s Life


Cleaning your forklift battery is essential in prolonging its life and making sure safety measures are kept to prevent injuries. You need to be visual when it comes to cleaning your forklift battery and always have a quick overview of specific parts before using it. Aspects to keep in mind are:
  • If a battery overspills wash it immediately with water (baking soda optional) to stop corrosion on top of and underneath the battery. Use an adequate amount of water to dilute the acid so it is not environmentally harmful.
  • The spilled acid is highly conductive and caustic. If not cleaned away immediately, the conductivity can negatively deteriorate battery life (even when not in use) and produce extra heat during recharge.
  • Acid vapours escape during charge, and end up developing residue around the vent cap area. Rinsing of batteries is therefore recommended half yearly (or as needed) to remove the acid residue from the battery.


Forklift battery safety is the most important issue. Although batteries are designed to be extremely safe you must always be mindful and cautious when dealing with them as acid is not something you should take lightly. It is important that safety precautions are taken into account when handling batteries which include:
  • The weight of the battery can be an overwhelming object weighing in at around one tonne! Ensure that the pallet you use will support the weight of the battery.
  • Ensure you take the battery out of the forklift when recharging (reduces heat).
  • Wear eye goggles and polystyrene clothes (acid will eat through cotton).
  • Wear protective gloves.

Helpful practices for your Forklift Battery:

  • Keep batteries clean and clear of rubbish at all times
  • Check the condition of the plugs & cables to ensure there are no exposed wires or loose fittings
  • Never place metallic objects on top of the battery
  • Do not remove the battery from the charger until the charger has been turned off
  • Never allow a battery to go completely dead (inoperative). It can take 3 days of continuous charging to bring back to full capacity. It also damages the battery and can have negative effects on the electronics of the forklift, including motor failure, burned armatures and brushes and seared or stuck contacts, which all place the forklift in a hazardous condition.
  • Never continue to use an overheating battery. If a battery ever radiates excessive heat during use or charging or emits a strong sulfur smell, discontinue use and call for service.
High savings and improved performance will occur as a result of implementing a battery maintenance schedule. You will find there will be fewer breakdowns due to battery failure, which allow you and your business to run at its fullest potential. This also means less costs to your company replacing batteries and getting them reconditioned.
That concludes our Forklift Battery series. If you would like to leave comments or questions for us or any other readers to answer please feel free to do so below and don’t forget to subscribe to be the first to know about new posts!


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Consulting Services

We consulting and training services and maintenance of batteries for customers who have a problem with the battery.

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Delivery Services

Delivery for Bangkok and surrounding provinces. And installed by technicians without charge.

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Preventive Maintenance Services (PMS.)

The care and servicing by personnel for the purpose of maintaining battery.

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Rental Forklft Battery Services

We provide weekly, monthly and yearly.both old and new forklifts according to contract conditions.

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Maintenance Services

Maintenance of traction batteries for all brand and model.Guarantee the quality all batteries by expert technicians ,
good price and good service. And distribute accessories of traction batteries such as Connectors, Vent Plugs,
Electrical Plugs, Cables and etc.


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Turn the Used Traction batteries

BAT get turn the used batteries to new batteries. Satisfaction guaranteed With the right price.

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Distribute the used Traction Batteries

All brand and all model. 100% good condition available, Warranty the quality all batteries.



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